Bringing Products To Life Together.


The Product Development Process

We take an honest, consultative approach to product development with our customers. We see the product development process as an ongoing two way discussion that culminates in the delivery of a bespoke product that is relevant to your location, exhibits and visitors. We aim to give you realistically priced products that deliver the quality you want and the margin you need. We are a friendly team and are here to make developing bespoke products as easy as possible.

We really enjoy what we do and working with fantastic people in the heritage and visitor industries makes our work varied, interesting and exciting. We look forward to working with you and making some great products together. We take a refreshing old fashioned, responsible and considerate approach to trading and always go the extra mile to help.

Step 1 : Discuss

We are here to help and will take time to understand your requirements fully. Although many things can be done over email or the telephone we always welcome the opportunity to pop and see you for a meeting - don’t worry we don’t employ pushy sales people or agents! By visiting you we can get a feel and understanding for your attraction, retail offering and your requirements.

We will discuss your expectations, how the products should fit and also give you some initial feedback and guidance on what will work. We will take into consideration everything that the product needs to deliver from the margins required, quality level, packaging and more.

Step 2 : Design

Our products are a wonderful medium to offer your visitors a small memento to take home. Most if not all exhibits can be turned into one of our products either as miniature versions or an abstract of an item.

Many customers already have some material in terms of designs that are the theme for the year or just some source material from an exhibit. We can work from everything from a simple doodle sketch to an actual Artist’s work. At this stage we would ask you to give us as much material as possible including any corporate or brand guidelines that we need to incorporate.

A full brief of all the considerations we’ve discussed in step 1 will be taken into account during the design process. We will tailor the 10 manufacturing variables that constitute our products to match your requirements exactly, so that we come in on design, quality and budget.

We will develop more than one option for you and will produce digital artwork with realistic 3D images and story boards for you to consider the designs on. Packaging will also be designed at this stage. There are no limits to the amount of tweaks we will do to a design to get it right. We will happily visit your to talk you through the designs and get your feedback face to face.

All designs are accompanied with full realistic and accurate quotations. We take a refreshing approach to quoting which you can read about here.

Step 4 : Sample

Once you are happy with the design on paper we will go to the sampling stage. This element of the process takes around 2 weeks from approval of artwork. This is the exciting bit where you get to actually see your physical product for the first time. If something’s needs further development we can make any changes as required before going to bulk manufacture.

Step 5 : Manufacture

The manufacturing stage, including packaging takes 4 weeks from receiving your approval to proceed, whether the product is made in our own Birmingham factory our by one of our international partners.

Products will be supplied packaged and barcoded as required. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and use minimal product and outer packaging. To make things easy for your merchandising and warehouse team all outer packaging is clearly labelled.

Step 6 :
Next Season

Now you’ve done all the hard work reordering is simple and we will turn around repeat orders in 4 weeks. It is never to early to start talking to us about next seasons products and we are only to happy to start the process again and start working with you to develop some more fantastic products.

We can also breathe new life into existing ranges by changing enamel colours and packaging, we don’t always have to start from scratch if a line is doing well for you.