Coins & Medals

We offer a full range of coins, medallions and medals which can be designed and produced to meet your specific requirements. We have a number of different manufacturing processes available from traditional die stamping to pressure die casting to ensure that we achieve your desired margin and price point.

These items are particularly good gifts for patrons or recognising different levels of donations. We can also use different finishes, as with Olympic medals, to recognise different levels of things such as service or donation.


  • ARTWORK: Free of charge

  • CARRIAGE: Free on orders over £250

  • PACKAGING: Presentation box or case barcoding available

  • PRODUCT LEAD TIME: 4 To 6 weeks

  • REPEAT ORDER LEAD TIME: 4 weeks (sooner if required)



Coins & medallions

Coins and medallions are great collectors items. We can get an extraordinary amount of detail into each item and we can of course add designs to both sides. We offer different levels of quality on these items from a proof finish similar to a minted coin to larger image based designs which include hand enamelled colours.

Depending on their intended purpose we can supply these items in simple coin cases or high quality presentation boxes.


medals & regalia

We produce authentic medals and regalia including current and replica items. Our Birmingham factory does in fact produced actual Police force and military uniform badges for UK service personnel so you can be sure that we’ll get any replica medals or regalia right.

Medals and regalia work equally well with antique finishes or enamel, or even a blend of the two. If ribbon is required we have a full spectrum of colours to choose from.