Our Products

All our products are manufactured to our exacting standards, with strong emphasis on design and focus on each individual customer’s requirements. We always ensure that what we produce meets and exceeds your quality and margin requirements.

We will work with you to develop and manufacture products that spark visitors’ imagination to generate interest and sales. The sky’s the limit, all our products can be based on your actual collections, so there is no need to limit yourself to just logos.

All our products can be supplied with bespoke packaging to increase perceived value and tell the location and product story.


We’ve been producing badges for over 110 years and we are one of Birmingham’s oldest remaining badge manufacturers. Whilst others claim to be the UK’s biggest badge manufacturers, we can safely say that with over 45,000 dies and tools for making badges and over 2,000 different individual badge designs in stock here in our Birmingham factory, we’ll let you be the judge.


Keyrings are the perfect retail purchase, not too expensive and not too big. They are just the right size to make a miniature version of an exhibit or a building. Keyrings are a favourite with Tourists who need a few unique gifts that easily fit in their suitacase without impacting on their weight limit or space.


The ultimate men's gift that has a high perceived value and can be made relatively inexpensively to give you the highest possible margins. We can use existing origination from badges we’ve produced for you to bring costs down further.

bottle stoppers

Another great gift item with a high perceived value. The perfect product to sit alongside any special wine retail offerings. We produce bottle stoppers as miniature 3D models of exhibits and also offer hand enamelled printed versions which are set in English Pewter.


We produce a wide variety of coins, medals and regalia. These products can be used not only to commemorate historic events but also as collectors items and replicas of exhibits within your collection.


We offer a range of different magnets and bookmarks, uniquely in addition to standard printed ones widely available within the market we offer die stamped metal magnets that really bring designs to life.