We produce vast quantities of cufflinks each year and supply them to a wide variety of customers from department stores such as Selfridges to fine art dealers who use them as add-ons to their actual print sales. One of our group companies is actually a men’s fashion accessory brand Tyler and Tyler which offers a vast range of cufflinks. Increasingly we are supplying bespoke cufflinks to heritage retailers who are looking for items with higher price points at relatively low cost prices.

Interestingly although cufflinks are mainly worn by men, the buyers are usually females who are looking for unique gifts, particularly around Christmas.

As with all our products we can tailor the look and finish to your exact needs, price point and margin requirements.

  • MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 75 pairs or less if ordered in combination with another product.

  • ARTWORK: Free of charge .

  • CARRIAGE: Free on orders over £250.

  • PACKAGING: presentation box, barcoding available.

  • PRODUCT LEAD TIME: 4 To 6 weeks.

  • REPEAT ORDER LEAD TIME: 4 weeks (sooner if required).


the possibilities are endless

We produce cufflinks in a variety of finishes from our premium, hand enamelled flat finish right the way through to printed designs with hand enamelled clear epoxy coatings. Cufflinks make great little everyday woks of art. Our skilled designers can take inspiration from either whole items or part of them such as a pattern on garment to produce the cufflink from.

We will take into consideration the price point we are aiming for and also your particular retail setting when deciding on materials, thickness and fitting types. All our cufflinks can be produced in either base or precious metals such as Sterling Silver it all depends upon your needs.

Back stamps on the reverse of the cufflink are a great way to link the item back to your location or the exhibit they are based upon without impeding on the design on the front.

Cufflinks are best supplied and displayed in presentation boxes which can again be branded as required - even with an artists signature.

To further increase perceived value and margins we can do limited edition and numbered runs and also supply a certificate of authenticity/information card within the box.


combining products

It is always worth considering combing our product categories to produce stunning ranges that appeal to a wider audience and range of price points. Products can be sold separately or as sets. Another big consideration at the product development stage is that in the case of badges and cufflinks we can use the same set of origination on both items and produce them at the same time, saving you money and widening your product offering with minimal additional outlay.