All our keyrings are produced and manufactured to our exacting standards. Even those items that our produced outside our factory by one of our trusted international trading partners are all checked by our Birmingham manufacturing team, so you can be sure that the quality and packaging will always be exactly what you ordered and consistent from one order to the next.

As manufactures our unique understanding and expertise enable us to adjust all of the product attributes to suit your retail price and margin requirements. We offer realistic 3D cast keyrings alongside 3 levels of quality in standard keyrings, which much like when you buy a car, we can adjust the specs up and down accordingly to achieve the desired price point.

We can make keyrings to match collections and even artists work so they offer real mementos of visits. It is always worth considering offering the same design keyrings alongside cufflinks and badges to appeal to all visitors and price brackets.

Whilst not detracting from the design on the front to give maximum appeal to the buyer of the design itself we can include your branding on the reverse as a back stamp. The back can also be used to include a description of the item or to add a slogan.


  • ARTWORK: Free of charge

  • CARRIAGE: Free on orders over £250

  • PACKAGING: hang tags or bagged, barcoding available

  • PRODUCT LEAD TIME: 4 To 6 weeks

  • REPEAT ORDER LEAD TIME: 4 weeks (sooner if required)



Our premium keyrings with high quality flat enamel and a highly polished finish produces keyrings with the highest perceived value. This is our favoured finish and we can match any pantone colour to give vibrant and eye catching products. By combining this premium finish with thicker metal we can further increase the perceived value and margins that can be achieved with very little additional cost.



Our standard finish gives a good mix of lower cost prices and finish that still retains a high quality appearance. The flooded in enamel gives a slightly dished appearance which can be used to great effect on some designs which it actually suits better than the premium finish. We will be happy to guide you on what will suit your products best.


3d & cast

Our 3D and cast keyrings are probably the best way to bring your exhibits to life at a relatively low cost i the retail environment. Our skilled desigers and model makers take full size exhibits and scale them down to produce fantastic little works of art. These keyring work particularly well with sculptures, characters and gernerally any 3D exhibits you have.

We use a a variety of certified lead free metals tor produce these items including English Pewter and Zinc. We can use a our full rage of finishes on these items including antique ones and hand painting to really set the item off.



As with our budget badges, our budget keyrings are a perfect low cost option for raising cause and event awareness or just delivering a cheaper keyring to represent your collection without breaking the budget.  All budget keyrinngs are made to our exacting standards and use many of the same techniques as our other keyrings, we just adjust certain elements such as the thickness of metal to bring the price down. This range also utilises full colour process printing.