Our Heritage


Haskins was established in 1954 and forms part of the Shaw Munster Group of companies. Each company within the group specialises in a supplying and servicing a particular market with products specifically developed to meet their unique needs.

You may have come across our full registered name which is Haskins (Jewellery) Limited. The Jewellery element relates to when Haskins was first formed in 1954 when it specifically supplied costume Jewellery such as charm bracelets and necklaces for the Tourist and visitor attraction markets. Themes included tourist land marks and icons such as Big Ben, the Blackpool Tower and Highland Dancers to name but a few. All these products were made in our Birmingham factory using many of the same techniques that we use today. Haskins also produced small plastic dress dolls of iconic figures such as Queens Guardsman, Beefeaters and dolls with a particular regions traditional or national dress.

All of Haskins products were initially sold to wholesalers, then with the advancements in technology such as the fax machine and the introduction of lager trade shows such as the Spring Fair and Harrogate Gift Fair we began to sell direct to heritage retailers and this trend of direct selling has continued to this day.

Haskins has always been a family run business, and the current owners, the Tyler family became it’s custodians in 1987. We still run the business today based on our core values of Integrity, quality products and honesty which shapes how we interact with our customers and the way in which we develop and manufacture our products.

With advancements in technology and communications the barriers to importing goods have reduced significantly over the last 32 years and our once 120 employee workforce has now reduced to around 40 people. We still retain our UK manufacturing base but have recognised that to remain competitive and allow our customers to make the margins they need, some components have to be produced by our select global partners. It is important to note that all of the metal items within our product range can be produced in our Birmingham factory. We are extremely vigilant and careful about who we work with and only use a few select Sedex Accredited partners who share our responsible trading ethics.

As you may already know, one of our Group companies is REV Gomm Limited, which was established in 1908, meaning that we are among the oldest of Birmingham’s remaining badge manufacturers. We also hold one of the largest range of stock badges in the UK and whilst others claim to be the UK’s biggest badge manufacturers, we can safely say that with over 45,000 dies and tools and over 2,000 different individual badge designs in stock here in our Birmingham factory, we’ll let you be the judge.

The images below are a mix of current factory shots and ones taken back in the 1960’s. Many of the products we produce today are manufactured in exactly the same way as back then and on some of the exact same power and hand presses. Today we mix these traditional processes with the latest enamel resins, plating finishes, print and designs technology including 3D CAD design to bring our customers truly fantastic products.

The exciting thing about our business is we get to work with great people on fascinating and interesting projects and also get to go behind the scenes of some collections and see exhibits up close that the general public do not get to see.