Perfect Packaging.

Packaging plays a key role in the visitors retail experience to encourage sales and successful product merchandising. We offer a full range of packaging to suit all our products, price points and each individual customers retail setting. We can set standardised packaging across the products you purchase from us that incorporates specific brand guidelines and can develop bespoke packaging for particular items. Below you’ll find the some of the points we’ll consider with you when developing packaging along with a gallery of a few examples of our packaging offering.



Telling the story

In addition to general branding, packaging can be used to tell the story of your location, collection and item that the product is of. We can add both images and a potted history on the reverse to make the product instantly recognisable and link it back to your collection for visitors who want a memento of their visit.

saying thank you

Packaging is a great opportunity to thank people for their visit and purchase and remind them that their purchase is helping to maintain your collection.


If space allows use packaging as a call to action to visit your website, attend future events, become a patron or make a donation. There may be other products within the range that the item they have purchased is part of, indicate this to encourage cross selling.

Environmental considerations

Our joint responsibility to the environment should always play a key part when deciding on the amount and level of packaging used. Together we can decide on what provides the right level of product protection and display information for you retail location. Where possible we always use recycled materials and will suggest adding the recyclable materials symbol onto the packaging along with a line to encourage the end user to recycle the packaging.


We can greatly enhance the perceived value of a product with packaging. During the product development process we will establish with you what price point we are aiming for and will tailor the packing accordingly. For every product we can offer different levels of quality and options. For example for a pair of cufflinks we can supply a simple budget box or a premium blocked box with satin liner and product information card.

For limited edition runs of a product we can include information such as the edition number, run and even an artists signature.


Please always discuss with us how you’d like to display the products, we will then incorporate your requirements into the product design to ensure that it fits in with your current merchandising arrangements. All products can be supplied barcoded with the selling price.


Many of our products require some degree of protection whilst in transit to you. We use the minimal amount of packaging where this is concerned and always ensure that both the inner and outer packaging are clearly labelled so that your merchandising team can easily identify the products and spend the least amount of time putting the products on display.