All our badges are produced and manufactured to our exacting standards. Even those items that our produced outside our factory by one of our trusted international trading partners are all checked by our Birmingham manufacturing team, so you can be sure that the quality and packaging will always be exactly what you ordered and consistent from one order to the next.

As manufactures our unique understanding and expertise enable us to adjust all of the product attributes to suit your retail price and margin requirements. We offer 3 levels of quality, which much like when you buy a car, we can adjust the specs up and down accordingly within these quality levels to achieve the right price point and margin for you.

We will work with you to establish the best type of badge for your needs, we can also supply pre-production samples in the different quality levels for you to select from before we go into mass production.

We can create ranges of badges that are collectors items with individual sequential numbering on the reverse as part of limited edition runs. Many customers also do an annual badge, much like the Harrods Bears, which changes every year that are collected by patrons and visitors alilke.


  • ARTWORK: Free of charge

  • CARRIAGE: Free on orders over £250



Our highest quality badges with a flat enamel finish. This enamel is the modern resin based equivalent of traditional vitreous enamel. This is our favoured finish and does not cost as much as you think. This finish delivers the highest perceived value of the range and is perfect for higher end items or reproducing replica vintage badges.



Our standard badges have enamel with a slightly dished appearance. These badges are great for general retail and offer a good balance of quality and value. The different levels of colour and enamel really bring designs to life and can be used to great effect with modelled designs such as coat of arms badges.



Our budget badges are a perfect low cost option for raising cause and event awareness or just delivering a cheaper badge to represent your collection without breaking the budget.  All budget badges are made to our exacting standards and uses many of the same techniques as our other processes, we adjust certain elements such as the thickness of metal to bring the price down. This range also utilises full colour process printing.

We can supply badges in charity type counter display boxes to help raise funds for a particular restoration or exhibit fund.



Die stamped and modelled badges are simply badges without an enamel inlay. Many military badges (of which we have a stock range of) are made in this particular way. Modelled designs really stand out and are a great way to bring designs to life as we can create great miniature replicas of exhibits.

Antique finishes work particularly well with this type of badge to highlight the relief details.

Woven & embroidered

Woven and embroidered badges are a great low cost option badge that are collected by tourist visitors the world over. We can produce everything from coats of arms to characters from your exhibits in cut out shapes. This type of badge has come on a long way and we can now achieve high levels of detail particularly with woven badges.

All of these badges come with a choice of backing with our favoured one being iron on, which enables the end user to simply iron the badge onto their clothing without having to stitch them on.