Low Minimums Realistic Cost Prices
4 Week Lead Times



Badges and keyrings can and should be used for more than just site and logo branding – they are little works of art that can be used to great effect in a retail environment. Bespoke products tell your venues story and engage with visitors who want a memento to remind them of an exhibit that captured their imagination.

Bespoke is Exclusive

Visitors are more likely to purchase bespoke products rather than a generic item that can be purchased at any other location in your area. We will produce products that are unique and exclusive to you, something that cannot be purchased anywhere else. By using limited edition runs, or producing linked collections we help you to encourage sales and repeat sales from returning visitors.

Bespoke Is Affordable & Achievable.

We are here to dispel the myth that bespoke is expensive and requires investment in thousands of units to get a sensible price.  We work on low minimums of between 125 to 250 units to enable trial runs and short term exhibits to benefit from the added value of bespoke products.

Our low minimums combined with quick turnarounds minimise your stock exposure.

As actual manufacturers we have a unique understanding of the over 10 variables that can be adjusted, tweaked and blended together to ensure that a product meets your desired price point, margin and level of quality.

Bespoke Shouldn’t Be Difficult or Complicated.

We are always delighted to help our customers develop their ideas, concepts and exhibits into real tangible products that sell.  Our team is here to help guide you on what will work and what wont and will also come up with ideas you may not have thought of.

We take direct influence from your collections, building’s architectural features, archives and library. Products can be developed as ongoing ranges or developed for specific shorter term exhibits.

Bespoke Is Quick.

Once approved delivery takes a standard 4 weeks which can be reduced to two if required.  We have an express range of goods that can manufactured and dispatched within 5 working days of ordering.

The simple product development process :